About Nepal

  • About Nepal

    Nepal, nicknamed "the home of the gods", is a legendary country wedged between China and India.

    It is the mythical crossroads on the Silk Road where tolerance meets a multitude of ethnic groups.

    The Kathmandu Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an open-air museum. Palaces, temples, shrines, stupas, make it a high place of Buddhist and Hindu cultures.

    Nepal has a beautiful variety of landscapes from one extreme to the other between the Terai plains in the south and the highest mountains of the Himalayan range in the north. On the foothills of the mountains, terraced crops, tumultuous rivers, rhododendron forests, wildlife, are a real delight. The Himalayan chain with Mount Everest (8850m) also called "Chamulungma" (roof of the world) in the Sherpa language and its 240 peaks of over 6000m are a paradise for trekking and mountaineering.

    The climate in Nepal varies widely from region to region. The humid tropical Terai is the warmest part of the country. In summer, the temperature can rise to 35 °. In winter, the temperature varies between 5 ° and 12 °. In the valleys and low mountains, the climate is temperate. Summer is mild with temperatures around 26 °. Winter is below 0 ° at night and around 12 ° during the day. It rarely snows below 2000m. In the high peaks of the Himalayas the climate is freezing. The Kathmandu Valley has a temperate climate with heavy rainfall during the monsoon in July and August.

    The most recommended seasons for trekking are fall from mid-September to mid-December and spring from March to May. The weather is sunny, hot, with a clear sky allowing magnificent views of the mountains. The monsoon period in summer makes trekking more difficult with less visibility and a lot of rain. Winter from December to the end of February is a good season for the trek, however it is colder and snow is found at high altitude.

    Immigration formalities:

    A valid passport and visa are required for all visitors to Nepal, with the exception of Indian nationals. The visa can be obtained from the Nepalese embassy or consulate on the website, or at the following immigration offices:

    Immigration international airportTribhuvan of Kathmandu

    Immigration East to Kakarvitta, Jhapa

    immigration Center in Birgung, Parsa

    West Immigration to Belahia, Bhairahawa, Rupandehi

    Immigration center west at Jamunaha, Nepalgung, Banke

    Immigration extreme west to Gadda Chauki, Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur

    Immigration extreme west to Mohana, Dhangadhi, Kailali

    Immigration North in Kodari, Sindhupalchowk

    All tourists who enter Nepal for the first time in the year must pay the visa fee as shown below:

    • The tourist visa with multiple entries for 15 days will be USD 25.00 or the equivalent in convertible foreign currency.
    • The tourist visa with multiple entries for 30 days will be USD 40.00 or the equivalent in convertible foreign currency.
    • Similarly, a 90-day multiple entry tourist visa can be obtained by paying USD 100.00 or an equivalent convertible foreign currency.
    • No visa fee will be collected by the passport holder of the member country of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (ASACR) for 30 days.

    Free Visa:
    • Children under 10 years old.
    • Dependents under 16 years of age, holding a foreign passport of Nepalese parents or one of their parents, a citizen of Nepal.
    • A citizen of Nepalese origin, after obtaining a passport for the first time from a foreign mission based in Nepal, until the date of his departure for a foreign country.
    • A citizen of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (ASACR) and the People's Republic of China.
    • Any foreigner who has lived in Nepal for fifteen consecutive nights and who returns to Nepal during the same visa year.
    • Any foreign tourist entering Nepal for a maximum of three days.

    Costs for the renewal or regularization of a tourist visa:

    • Nepalese currency is equivalent to US $ 2 per day to renew the tourist visa.
    • In the case of a multiple entry request, for the renewal period an additional amount in Nepalese currency equivalent to 20 US dollars will be charged.
    • For any foreigner staying without renewal of the validity of the visa, an amount equivalent to 3 US dollars per day in Nepalese currency will be charged in addition to the normal amount to be paid for the renewal of the validity of the visa in accordance with these regulations.
    • Foreigners who have already spent more than 150 days late in their stay without having renewed their tourist visa are charged the above fees and a penalty referred to in Article 10 (4) of the Immigration Law .

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