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Day 01: Arrive to Kathmandu:

Our company representative will pick you up at the international airport and you will be transferred to the hotel in Kathmandu (1350 m)

Day 02: City tour

Our city guide will take you to historical places around Kathmandu valley which is also listed on world heritage sites by UNESCO. This day you will be given general information about trekking regarding Do and Dons during trekking, and daily routine / schedule will be given to you by our tour guide every day evening.

Trek days

Day 03: Drive to Charikot (1980 m)

Early morning we follow the Araniko highway up to the khadichaur bazaar, which is a small market at road side and then crossing the river Sunkoshsi we drive ahead toward Charikot passing through some settlements, river bridges and jungles. We stay at Charikot which is the Headquarter of Dolkha district.

Day 04: Charikot to Shigati (955 m)

From Dolakha we drive again through the rough road. After four hours drive we can reach to Shigati, which comes after phiguti village. At Shigati we can observe the life style and daily schedule of the local people. We have chance to see what poeple generally do for their living.

Day 05: Shigati to Jagat (1440 m)

From Shingati our trek will start, in the morning we take breakfast and then we walk through normal flat land along the side of the river across the field, where we can visit several villages in route. It is mixed community village and there we can observe the different cultures. We have to pass the few river bridges and the jungle of rhododendron trees and various types of flora. To get to Jagat we have to walk around 6-7 hours.

Day 06: Jagat to Simigaon (2025 m)

In the beginning the trail follows a normal flat path through the through the jungle to its end. After this jungle we have to cross wire rope bridges at several places. During walking we can see villages on our trail where some tea shops and small shopping shops also can be found. From here we have to climb steep up climb up to Simigaon. Which is a mixed of Buddhist and few Hindus both religion.

Day 07: Simigaon to Daldung La (3976 m)

While we walk following the trail to our today’s destination, we go through Sherpa villages. This ascending trek offers us to observe the varieties of plants and Rhododendron trees in this region. After ascending up we will walk and will seeing the scenic beauty of the places around.

Day 08: Daldung La to Beding (3690 m)

We start walking and cross over the suspension bridges and which are very the deep in few places and it makes our trek even more exciting. On the way we can also chance to study about the varieties of plants. Crossing this interesting path finally we reach Beding a big Sherpa settlement.

Day 09: Acclimatization day at Beding (3690 m)

This day we will have easy day and we take rest day to acclimatize our body with high altitude environment and we can do short easy visit around the Beding at that time the fantastic view of Mt. Gauri Shanker and other mountain peak around can be see toward north.

Day 10: Beding to Na (4180 m)

The trekking trail gradually goes up by the bank of river. On this day can make explore visit to the upper slopes of the valley for Snow Partridge or visit towards the ice lake which is close from there. The place is an open path with fresh air and the charming sound of the river adds more attraction. Fantastic panoramic view of the mountains can be seen from here. As we go more ahead we go across the local Sherpa village observing its culture and Na can be reached and while visiting around Na we can see vista of mountain Gauri Shanker, Menlung, Yalung as well as few of mountains of Tibet.

Day 11: Na to Tso Rolpa Lake (4545m)

This day we step forward to Tso-Rolpa Lake from Na. The trekking trail is flat at the beginning and then slowly increases its slopeness. While walking through this path we can look to eyewitness the beautiful Natural glacier lake and also the vista of Menlung and several other peaks which seems smiling.

Day 12: Tso Rolpa to Takarding Glacier (4810 m)

After fresh and hot breakfast we start early in walking and the trail follows glaciers and it offers us to experience enchanting beauties which make us relief from our fatigue and makes us more exciting while we walk. This day we set our camp and spend a night nearby Glacier Takarding at a beautiful place.

Day 13: Takarding Glacier to Tashi Lapcha Phedi

This day we go up forward and the walking on the trail is little bit difficult on comparison with our former days walk as the trail goes ascending and follows some rocky path. The trail also goes through the glacier. After passing this rough path we will reach Tashi Lapcha Phedi where we spend our one night.

Day 14: Tashi Lapcha Pedi to Tashi Cave

This day we have to go at higher elevation the trekking route follows upward climbing from here up to Tashi Lapcha Pass , which is at the elevation of 5,755 m. form here an incredible view can be seen. After crossing this pass we move toward our destination Tashi cave following the snow covered path.

Day 15: Tashi Cape to Tyomgbo (4350m)

As this is at glacier and our trail goes though it we follow the trail and goes slightly downward walking. It is cold in the beginning and after sun rise the temperature becomes warmer. Passing through this glacier our camp Tyomgbo can be reached.

Day 16: Thyomgbo to Thame (3820 m)

From here the trail descend down we will feel easier while walking. In the morning we take our breakfast and start trek down to Thame which is a Sherpa village having monastery at the little up cliff. Here we can visit to monastery and can gain knowledge of Sherpa tradition and Buddhist monastery.

Day 17: Thame to Monjo (3440 m)

The trail downward from Thame leads to the iron bridge and then it goes slightly upward for few minutes from the bridge then gradual slop up and down trail through Thamo and Phurte village crossing pine forest Namche can be reached after three hours walking and then following steep descend down to Dhudhkoshi river and walking beside the river Monjo can be reached after totally walking of 5 hours.

Day 18: Trek to Lukla (2840 m)

This is the last day of walking, after 4 hours through the village and light forest of pine and rhododendron trees of walking you will finally get to Lukla and visit around Lukla market.

Return To Kathmandu

Day 19: Fly to Kathmandu:

This morning the guide will take you back to Kathmandu by flight and you will be checked in into hotel and will have rest and refreshment.

Tour Days

Day 20: reserve day:

This day is the reserve day for visiting the remaining places around Kathmandu valley and also for shopping. This evening we all will have farewell dinner.

Day 21: Departure:

This day our representative will come to hotel and take you to airport for final departure on your time with wishing you very happy journey.


This trek is located in the central east of Nepal near the Tibetan border and below Gaurishankar 7145m.

A beautiful circuit which allows you to go up the authentic Rolwalling valley surrounded by majestic peaks. Then, you switch to the famous Khumbu valley via the Tashi Lapcha pass at an altitude of 5700m.

The start of the hike can be done from Khumbu, we prefer to leave from Barebeshi in order to gradually climb in altitude and to make a good acclimatization in altitude.

Along the way you will first discover at mid-altitude many authentic villages inhabited by various ethnic groups: Bhramen, Magar, Sherpa and Chheteree. Then going up in altitude are offered to you: the lake of Tso Rolpa and its glacial valley surrounded by the highest Himalayan peaks.

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