Manaslu Trek


Day 1: Morning arrival in Kathmandu

The guide will pick you up at Kathmandu International Airport to bring you to your hotel. Rest and lunch at the hotel while your guide will take care of the trekking permits. in the afternoon, discovery of Thamel.


We go to Seti Khola in a private 4x4. 7 hour drive.


Departure of the trek. We go up the course of the Budi Gandaki through fields and rice paddies to Machhakola. We pass through the villages of Arkhet, Almara and Lapubesi.

5 hour walk. +200m


We continue our progress along the river to Kanigaon and Khola Bensi. At times beautiful views of the peaks of Ganesh Himal and the Machha Khola valley. We reach Tatopani where there is a hot spring. Then, we cross the Budi Gandaki by a suspension bridge to reach Dobhan (1,300 m). The Budi Gandaki valley then narrows before arriving at Jagat.

7 hour walk +410m

Day 5: JAGAT – LOKPA 1950m

We leave Jagat over a suspension bridge. We cross several villages with traditional houses in dry stones and woven bamboo. View of the Ganesh Himal and the Shringi Himal (7,161 m). Himalayan pines adorn the trail. We change banks several times and the gorges tighten. We leave the path of the Manaslu tour.

6 hour walk +650m

Day 6: LOKPA – CHUMLING 2340m

We go up in the secret valley of the Tsum. We cross a magnificent forest of pines and rhododendrons in the gorges of the Syar. We arrive at the large town of Chumling in Botia country, a village all in stone. View of Ganesh Himal, Langju Himal. Superb gompa abandoned in the middle of brambles. An alignment of 14 chortens. Lots of rural scenes.

5 hours of walking. +390m


We always follow the right bank of the Syar khola with climbs and descents. At the confluence of the Syar and the Sarpu we observe a beautiful traditional chorten and cross a suspension bridge. We go up to Chhokung Paro with its suite of chortens. We enter the "Upper Tsum" at the foot of Ganesh Himal and Shringi Himal.

5h walk +1020m


We cross several Tibetan villages on the plateau of upper Tsum. After passing the village of Nakyu, we take a "Chai" break in Lamagaon. On a cliff above the village is the hermitage of Piren Phu where, it is said, Milarepa meditated. Evidenced by the imprint of his foot in the cave. We discover Chhule and its grandiose stupa, then arrive at Nyle after crossing the Syar khola. Beautiful "medieval" village. Visit the Kagyu lineage monastery, Gonhgie gompa.

5 hours of walking. +00

Day 9: NYLE - MU GUMPA 3850m. -NYLE 3360m

Ascent to the Mu Gompa monastery by a path rich in mani and chortens walls, the last dwelling before the border of Tibet. Mu Gompa has a very famous ancient monastery that few foreigners have had the chance to visit. It was founded between 1895 and 1936 by a high lama of Bhutan and restored in 1998. It is a fairly famous Kagyu lineage meditation center which depends on the monastery of Kopan near Kathmandu. The main hall is dedicated to Chenrezig the Buddha of Compassion. Magnificent views of the mountains and the caravan route to Tibet.

5h walk round trip +490m -490m

Day 10: NYLE - LAMAGAON 3302m

Departure early in the morning, We descend by a path rich in walls of mani and chortens, the last dwelling before the border of Tibet.

3h walk -60m


Depart early in the morning to the Lungdang Gomba monastery at 3,200 meters and the Ganesh Himal base camp. The monastery is under reconstruction after the damage of the 2015 earthquake. A very nice climb in the forest and magnificent views of the Ganesh Himal. We are in the direction of Base Camp and the Torogumba Glacier.

5 hours of walking. +850m. -1020m.


We take the way back to the left bank of the Syar, with many villages, and reach the monastery of Rachen welcoming 60 nuns, a school of meditation, supported by a lama from Kathmandu. The old monastery is in the Kagyu lineage, the new one is Gelugpa. We take a different route to go on the left bank of the Syar to visit the large village of Ripchet (completely destroyed by the 2015 earthquake and practically rebuilt, except the Gompa) located on a superb plateau of cultures with very beautiful views on the mountains.

4 hours of walking.

Day 13: RIPCHET – LOKPA 2240m

We evolve in the forest then big descent by steps until the Syar khola and the bifurcation with the way to go. Then Nepalese “dishes” to Lokpa.

4 hours of walking. -230m

Day 14: LOKPA – DENG 1860m

We evolve on a balcony path, sometimes above the river. We cross several villages including that of Philim. Himalayan pines adorn the trail. We change banks several times and the gorges tighten. We arrive at Deng, a village of Tibetan culture with the first Buddhist temple and chortens.

5h walk

Day 15: DENG – NAMRUNG 2630m

We cross the region of Kutang, populated by Gurung practicing Buddhism. Many villages and landscapes punctuate the day: pine and bamboo forest, rivers, torrents, villages of Rana, Ghap, Bihi before reaching the beautiful stone houses of Namrung.

7 hours of walking. +770m

Day 16: NAMRUNG – LHO 3180m

We will start the day with a short visit to Namila Gumba, from where we will ascend along the Budhi Gandaki Gorge. Enjoying the magnificent views of the Manaslu range, we will pass through various villages such as Lihi, Lamagaon and Sho before reaching Lho. Lho village offers stunning views of Manaslu (8163m) and is also home to a large Gompa with over 100 student monks. Overnight in Lo.

5 hours of walking. +550m

Day 17: LHO - SAMA GOMPA 3520m

Always along the Budi Gandaki, we cross many villages inhabited by the Bhotias, of Tibetan origin, in particular those of Namrung, Shyala, Pung Gyen Gumba to reach the glacial plateau where the beautiful village of Samagaun is located. After Syala, Pung Gyen Gumba the beautiful view emerges on the summit of Manaslu (8,163 m) and we are dominated by Himalchuli (7,893 m) and Ngadi Chuli. We also have a beautiful view of the Ganesh Himal.

4 hours of walking. +340m.

Day 18: Acclimatization day.

We visit the superb Tibetan village of Pok and the glacier of Pungen monastery.

5 hours of walking.

Day 19: SAMA GOMPA 3400m

Acclimatization day. We visit the superb Tibetan village of Samagaon, the monastery and the cells of the nuns then for those who are in good shape, possibility of climbing towards the base camp of Manaslu, we make a small detour towards the lake of Birendra Kund (3,570 m ) located at the foot of Manaslu. Before discovering the monastery of Sama (Sama Gompa),

5 hours of walking.

Day 20: SAMA GOMPA – SAMDO 3875m

We continue our progress towards the long Mani wall of Kermo Manan and the village of Samdo (3,780 m) located very close to the Tibetan border, not far from the confluence of the Sama Chu with the Budhi Gandaki, and which is home to a community of Tibetan refugees. A caravan trail joins Tibet by the Lajyung pass (5,096 m).

4 hours of walking. +475m

Day 21: SAMDO – DHARAMSALA 4460m

Altitude acclimatization day. It is possible to discover the surroundings of Samdo before continuing our progress towards Dharamsala. A stone hut only. Highest camp of the trip, the night will be cold.

4 hours of walking. +585m

Day 22: DHARAMSALA – LARKYA LA 5150m – BIMTANG 3590m

Departure early in the morning, going up the course of the Larke Khola. The progression is easy at first, then becomes much steeper at the end of the ascent of the Larkya pass, the altitude of which varies quite significantly depending on the sources, from 4,910 meters to 5,220 meters. In any case, we have a great view of Tibet border peaks such as Cheo (6,812m), Nemjung (7,140m) and Himlung (7,126m), as well as Kang Guru (7,010m) , Gyaji Kang (7,036 m) and even Annapurna II (7,937 m). On the other side of the pass, we often descend on snow, then scree, to reach Larcia, then Tabuche and the glacial valley of Bimtang, from where we can see the west face of Manaslu.

9 hours of walking. +690m. -1560m

Day 23: BIMTANG – TILIJE/Darapani 2300m

We descend the valley of the Dudh Khola river to the village of Tilije, inhabited by the Gurung ethnic group. We still cross mountain pasture hamlets, then find wooded areas and the first villages.

6-7h walk. -1290m.


Departure by jeep on the road by the Jeep, which will take us Darapani to Besisahar 4h drive Then, 4X4 for Kathmandu

Transfers: 4x4 (7-8h drive)

Day 25: KATHMANDU – free day.

Day 26: Return flight to your country.

We will pick you up at the hotel and take you to the airport at the given time for the final departure home wishing you good luck.




Manaslu tour and Tsum valley

An exceptional route that takes you first to the secret Tsum valley, then to the Manaslu tour. The Tsum is a small region open to tourism only since 2007. It is a wild valley with authentic Tibetan villages with a deeply rooted Buddhist culture. You climb up to the magnificent Mu Gompa monastery (3700m) at the foot of imposing peaks over 7000m. You descend to the fork of Lokya by following another path. From there, you begin the itinerary of the Manaslu tour.

This tour is also not very frequented. The originality of this route is a gradual rise in altitude. You start from a tropical environment to reach the high mountains via the Larkya pass 5150m. A wide variety of landscapes, dwellings as we go up in altitude. You follow the gorges of the mighty Burhi Gandaki river. Then the rice fields, the Gurung villages with ancestral traditions still very present. Monasteries, mani walls, prayer wheels, chortens line your route. You climb through bamboo, pine and rhododendron forests. Then the mountain pastures and their herds of yaks. The landscape becomes alpine, the high peaks are there: Manaslu, Himal Chuli, Chéo Himal, Himlung Himal. After passing the larkya pass 5150m, you descend to the heavily wooded valley of the Marsyangdi river.

The trek is done in a lodge.

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25 Jours, Le prix: 1875€
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Mars- Mai et Sept.-Nov.
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