Bas Solukhumbu Trek

Lower Solukhumbu Homestay Trek

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350 m)
Your guide will meet you at Kathmandu International Airport to drive you to the hotel. You can rest from your trip. In the evening, you will have all the information on the organization of your trek in Nepal. Then, your first typical Nepalese meal before a good restful night.

Day 02: Visit of Kathmandu
 After breakfast around 8 am, we leave to explore Kathmandu and its surroundings. You will visit the historic cultural districts of Kathmandu like Swoyambhunath, Durbar square, Bouddhanath, Pashupatinath, old districts listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. The tour ends around 4 p.m. Night at the hotel.

Day 03: Flight to Phaplu.

Early in the morning we take a plane for a 30-minute flight over the sculpted hills of thousands of terraces. After a picturesque landing on the small altiport of Phaplu (2450 m) we go to the village to drink a comforting "chai". Then, we leave for the village of Salleri, administrative capital of Solu Khumbu. We continue until Garma (2420 m).

2h walk (elevation + 150m / -290m). Meal and overnight stay with the locals.

Day 04: Garma in Mulkharka

Ascent to Phurlung La (2985 m) from where we discover a beautiful view of the Himalayan chain, if the sky is clear. Smooth descent to the small village of Mulkharka (2900 m) -

2h walk (elevation + 680m / -170m). Meal and overnight stay with the locals.

Day 05: Mulkharka to Kastap

Steep descent into the Kanku Khola valley to the village of Sharima. We are entering Rai country. The Rais are one of the oldest ethnic groups in Nepal where they arrived from the east; they speak a Tibetan-Burmese language. Then easy walk to the village of Kastap (1900 m) -

5h walk (elevation + 330m / -1140m). Meal and overnight stay with the locals.

Day 06: Kastap to Nagiyang

Nagiyang is a small village at an altitude of 1500 m, whose houses are built on small cultivated terraces on the opposite bank of the Kanku Khola. On the way, we visit the great school of Losku.

3 hours of walking (elevation + 135m / -515m). Meal and overnight stay with the locals.

Day 07: Nagiyang to Deusa

A good day awaits us with an elevation gain of 650 m on steep slopes, in the midst of terrace cultivation, then of the forest. The trail remains high before descending to the large village of Deusa (1700 m) above the Dudh Khola river.

4h30 walk (elevation + 780m / -635m). Homestay meal and night

Day 08: Deusa to Chailsa

Back to Sherpa country. It’s the longest leg of the journey. The path climbs regularly up to 2800 m via the village of Jhareni before joining the village of Chailsa (2780 m) or "Chyalsa". It is a pretty Sherpa village where many Tibetan refugees have settled.

6h walk (elevation + 1100m / -200m). Lunch at the inn, evening meal and overnight stay with the locals.

Day 09-10: two days with families in Chailsa

Day 11: Chailsa to Kerung

Descent to the Solu Khola river via Salme, then climb through crops and small villages to that of Kerung (2400m) with its pretty Gompa.

6h walk (elevation + 600m / -500m). Meal and overnight stay with the locals.

Day 12: Kerung to Tapting

Descent to Bagam Khola before climbing via Chyangba and Khamding to the village of Tapting (2750 m).

4h walk (elevation + 600m / -200m). Meal and overnight stay with the locals.

Day 13: Tapting to Bhulbhule

The path goes up to the small village of Jhapre with its Gompa and its stupas. We continue through the forest and we make a slight detour to see the Gompa de Tholu. Arrival at Bhulbhule (3350 m) which is limited to a single lodge.

5h walk (elevation + 700m / -50m). Meal and night in a lodge.

Day 14: Bhulbhule to Pikey lodge

The path continues through the forest which gradually turns into a vast moor. The view of the Khumbu mountains is magnificent. Many manis (stone walls engraved with Buddhist mantras) and a huge mossy stone stupa (at a place called Lhamuje) attest to the antiquity of this path. Arrival at the lodge (3700 m).

3h walk (elevation + 450m / -100m). Meal and night in a lodge.

Day 15: Pikey lodge at Pikey peak then Pikekhop

Thirty minutes climb to the top of Pikey peak (4068 m) from where we have a fantastic panorama of the Himalayan range. On a clear day you can see all 8000 m of Nepal, from Kangchenjunga in the east to Dhaulagiri in the west. Steep descent to the Pikekhop lodge (3520 m).

3h walk (elevation + 370m / -1370m). Meal and night in a lodge.

Day 16: Pikekhop to Mopung

Easy walk in the forest to the village of Thaktok. Visit to the Serlo monastery which overlooks the village of Junbesi with its gompas (Buddhist temples) and its houses with ornate wooden windows. We end the day in the village of Mopung (2850 m).

5h walk (elevation + 1000m / -1060m). Lunch at the inn, evening meal and overnight stay with the locals.

Day 17-18: Rest days in Mopung

We go to the very large monastery of Thupten Chöling with its hundreds of small buildings where more than 400 monks and nuns live. It is the most important monastery in Solu Khumbu. Then, stroll to that of Phugmoche (under reconstruction after the earthquake of 2015).

Meal and overnight stay with the locals.

Day 19: Mopung to Ringmu

After a good climb to Phurteng and a last view of Everest, the path descends to the Dudhkund Khola river before going up to the village of Ringmu (2730 m) surrounded by many orchards.

3 h of walk (elevation + 480m / -620m). Meal and night in guesthouse.

Day 20: Ringmu to Phera

Climb to the Taksindu pass (3075 m) and visit the monastery below. Return to Ringmu and extension of the hike to the village of Phera (2725 m) - 3h30 of walking (elevation + 480m / -680m). Meal and overnight stay with the locals.

Day 21: Phera to Phaplu

A wide path brings us back to Phaplu (2450 m), our starting point. Before that we go up to the Chiwong monastery (2950 m) which dominates the entire valley and where the great Manu Rimdu ceremony takes place every autumn.

3 hours of walking (elevation + 380m / -450m). Meal and night in a lodge.

Day 22: Early flight to Kathmandu.

Free time to continue visiting Kathmandu and its surroundings, each at their own pace ... Night at the hotel. If the flight is canceled for weather reasons, return to Kathmandu by road (10 to 12 hours by road).

Day 23: Free day in Kathmandu to visit the city and its surroundings. Night at the hotel.

Day 24 to 25: Last hours in Kathmandu and return flight.


Lower Solukhumbu trek, homestay.

This trek is done in the eastern part of Nepal. The road takes you to the Sherpa village of Jiri. You continue your way towards Changma (Bhandar), Goli Gompa then the ascent without difficulty of Pikey peak (4068m). From the summit, at sunrise you will have a magnificent view of the peaks of the Himalayan chain with the Gaurishankar, the Numbur, Everest, the Makalu, the Kanchenjunga ...

You are visiting the village of Chailsa, a Tibetan refugee camp steeped in history. The path takes you to several monasteries. That of Thupten Choling monastery is the largest in Solukhumbu. The Dumji and Chiwang monasteries where the great Buddhist festival of Mani Rimdu takes place every year.

You will be staying with locals. You will share their meal and live to the rhythm of their daily life.

The circuit is suitable for everyone and especially for families


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