Treks hors des sentier battus

Day 01: Departrure from own country.
Day 02: At Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) Kathmandu Arrive in Kathmandu at any time. Our airport representative will welcome you and give you further details of the program. There are no planned activities for your arrival day, so check into the hotel, get your bearings and enjoy your overnight at hotel.
Day 03: Visit to Boudhanath, Pashupatinath and Syambunath evening briefing about trek.​
Day 04: Kathmandu to Nepaljung O/N Hotel.

Day 05: Nepaljung a Jumla ( 2370m.) par avion et campement.

Day 06: Jumla a Khali ( 3400m.)  Traversee du village Ghumurti et passage du col  Chele (3620m.) puis descente sur khali. 7h30 walk.

Day 07: Khali to Chautha ( 2770m.) Descente Walk down via Thudamara, Heran Dhuski and Nyauryand walk up start till Khavre and walk up to start to get Chautha. 7h walk.

Day 08: Chautha to Dhoto (2380m.)  walk up via chante Chaur, Bhulbhule and Gurchipass ( 3460m.) and steep down till Dhoto 6h30 walk.

Day 09: Dhoto to Rara Lake ( 3060m.) steep up hil via Jyari, Ridge top  and walk starte  till Rara lake 

Day 10: Rest day at Rara lake.

Day 11: Rara Lake to Luma(2048m.) 6h30 walk. Walk via Lama chaur, Badiyadi, Milan Chowk
Gamgadi, walk up Geruneta Dada and walk down till Luma. Cmap

Day 12: Luma to Chankehi Lagna ( 3594m.)  6h walk. Walk up till Bam and via Tallo Phaipata , Phalpata, Darke Khola and walk up till tea shop before Ghankheli Lagna.

Day 13: Chankehi Lagna to Milchham Bagar (2486m.) 6h walk. Walk up till Sathaple and walk down till Milchham

Day 14: Milchham to Darma (2217m.) 5h30 walk.  Walk easy all in forest via Jyacha Danda, Chauthala, Rimi and walk down till Darma.

Day 15: Darma to Melchham ( 2591m.) 5h30 walk. Walk easy via small villge Lahutheruka, Piplan, Masiridharagoan and Melchham .

Day 16: Melchham to Apsia Lek(3195m.) 6h walk. Walk via Korka, Charigaon Koreali chaur and camp.

Day 17: Apsia Lek to  Simali (2892m.) 5h walk. This day we walk till Kallas and after that we take side way and village Rodikot, Karki Bada and camp at Simali possible to walk till Shech Chaue too.

Day 18: Simali to Lali (2293m.) 6h walk. Easy walk all day via Bhuber lagna, Bagkunyauna Danda, Sun Khada, Mag khada and camp at Lali.

Day 19: Lali to Yanghchu ( 2095m.) 5h30 walk cross via same village Plusa Bolche Gauda and walk in forest till Yangchu .

Day 20: Yanghchu to Limtang (3292m.) 6h30 walk. Walk easily all day via Kharpunath, Talki Dusa and camp at limtang.

Day 21: Limtang to Simikot ( 2895m.) 6h30 walk. Walk via small village Hutik, Torpa, cross Bhagachlna Danda, Landuk, Burauasya Nimbuk and camp at simikot.

Day 22: Simikot to Dhinga 3610m. We walk up via village of Naula cross Hepka Khola and village of Hepka 3060m. and walk till Dhinga. 6h walk.

Day 23: Dhinga to Kui la Phedi 4500m. Walk up till Chhubang lagna and walk down till Sechi la phedi and angina walk up  till sechi la and cross Sechi la 4530m.walk down till Sechi Khola and camp at kui la phedi 6h30 walk.

Day 24: Kui  la Phedi to Nyalu la Phedi 4630m. Walk up till Kui la and cross  Kui la (4930m.) walk down till Chhungsa Khola and walk via chhungsa khola all day camp at Nyalula phedi. 6h walk.

Day 25: Nyalu la Phedi to Talung tso (Tankchhe)4340m. Walk up via Nyalu la ( 4988m.) and walk down till Chhumgo Khola and walk via same khola till Talung Tso camp. 6h walk.

Day 26: Tankchhe rest or visit around.

Day 27: Talung Tso to Gumayak 2690m.Walk down via Tankchhe Khola all day till camp.5h30 walk.

Day 28: Gumayak to Halji 3660m. This day visit Jang village Sunkhani and camp at Halji. 5h walk.

Day 29: Halji to Manepeme 3990m. Trek via simchaur walk via Limi khola and til knola cross Namka lagna 4340m. and camp at Manepeme. 6h walk.

Day 30: Manepeme  to Hilsa 3858m. Walk near via Humla Karnali Khola and camp at Hilsa. 6h30 walk.

Day 31: Hilsa to Yara ( 3670m.) 6h walk.

Day 32: Yara to Yangar ( 3040m.) 6h walk.

Day 33: Yangar to Kermi ( 2670m.) 5h walk.

Day 34: Kermi to Simikot ( 2950m.) 5h walk.

Day 35: Simikot to Kathmandu flight via Nepalgunja

Day 36: Journey security in Kathmandu free day.

Day 37: Journey security in Kathmandu free day

Day 38: Departure from Kathmandu.

Day 39: Arrival at own country.

Jumla Simikot and the Limi Valley

This trek is located in a remote region in central west of Nepal. Lake Rara at an altitude of 2990m is part of the district of Mugu. With its 10km 2 of area, it is the largest lake in Nepal. It is a unique route and little traveled at medium altitude (maximum 3600m). You cross valleys, villages with a rich cultural heritage. The wilderness may make you discover many animals such as: goats, wild boars, deer, antelopes, bears and the legendary snow leopard.

You reach Lake Rara through the pretty village of Jumla. Then you cross the Dhulphu pass before returning to Jumla. This area requires a special trekking permit.

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