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Day 01: Arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) Kathmandu (1350m.)

Arrival in Kathmandu at any time. Our airport representative will welcome you and give you more details on the program. There are no activities planned for your day of arrival, so check in at the hotel, get your bearings and enjoy your night at the hotel.

Day 02: City tour
Our guide will take you to historic places around the Kathmandu Valley, also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the evening you will receive general trekking information regarding Do and Dons during trekking and the daily routine / trekking schedule will be given to you by our guide each day.

Day 03: Kathmandu to Beni
Early in the morning we take a bus or jeep to get to Beni by following the Prithivi highway and crossing another town in Pokhara. We continue towards Beni via Parbat, Kusma. It takes about ten hours to drive.

Day 04: Trek to Babiachor (950m)
From there we start our walk and the trail follows the Myagdi Khola and the trek goes west along the north side of Myagdiriver. It crosses the different villages of Beni Mangalghat, Singa and Tatopani. In Tatopani, there is a natural hot spring. After the village we cross the bridge and continue our walk by the river on the south side and we approach the village of Simalchour and the village of Babichor which takes about 5 hours.

Day 05: Trek to Dharapani (1400m)
Our walk begins again following the path through the valley and on the terrace and between two hills on our side. The trail is moderate and we have to pass the village of Darbang then after crossing the Dang Khola and crossing the fields which arrive in Ratorunga. From there, the valley becomes narrow after 6 hours of walking to Dharapani.

Day 06: Trek to Muri (1720m)
As there are many streams that follow form the high hills above and we have to cross many of these streams on our trail. Crossing these many bridges, the trail begins to climb steeply and there will be many reversals until you reach the ridge and the angle of climb decreases. The trail once again climbs to the village of Muri. We continue our way and pass by Sibang, Mattim and Ghatte Khola Phalai gaun, then finally arrive at the village of Muri in 5 hours of walking.

Day 07: Trek to Boghara (2080m)
We must follow the path that leads us through a terraced rice field and a cliff in the direction of Garang Khola. Where, we have to cross a wooden bridge. After crossing the path of the wooden bridge climbs for an hour and a half to Ghimlati. It is the right point of view to see a wide view of Muri and the village of Sibang. From there, the path continues to Myagdi Khola and we can then go to Jugupani after some comings and goings further by walking further by crossing Naura Boghara.

Day 08: Trek to Dobang (2520m)
After breakfast, we follow the path that first descends through the rice fields to a small ridge, then crosses the jungle to a local village. We then cross a rocky area which slopes down and crosses the village of Lipshe before continuing to walk for about 5 hours our camp Dovang can be reached.

Day 09: Trek to Chaur Bag Khola (3445m)
We cross the wooden bridge at kunaban khola and the path passes slightly flat until the camp of Chaur Khola, which becomes parallel to Myagdi khola. We have to cross two other small bridges again before joining the Chaur Khola camp.

Day 10: Trek to Italian base camp (3660m)
From there, the trail continues flat to the north and the incline rises upwards for about 1 hour to Puchhar base camp, which is the base camp located at the last row. The Italian base camp can be reached in a few hours on foot. Today Tukche Peak (6837 m), and Mt. Dhaulagiri I (8167 m) Dhaulagiri II (7751m), Dhaulagiri III (7715 m) and Dhaulagiri V (7618 m) can be seen.

Day 11: Acclimatization day
As the altitude increases every day, we take this day here at the Italian base camp for the acclimatization day, which is used to adjust our health with different types of alpine environments. During the day we can take an optional short hike around the camp.

Day 12: Trek to the Chhongardan glacier camp (4210m)
We start our walk after breakfast in the morning. This trail is a bit dangerous where the horizontal stone falls because the cliff is very close. It is a narrow gorge, from where we pass. After walking on average about 6 hours after crossing the Swiss, French and Japanese base camps, we can reach the Chhongardan glacier camp at 4210 meters.

Day 13: Trek to Dhaulagiri base camp (4748 m)
The path climbs gradually through a rocky part, which makes our day of travel an adventure and following the path observing the remarkable north face of Dhaulagiri I (8167 meters), we can reach the base camp of Dhaulagiri in 7 hours. On this day, you can see remarkable mountains, including Dhaulagiri II (7751 meters), Dhaulagiri III (7715 meters) and Dhaulagiri V (7618 meters).

Day 14: Trek to the hidden valley camp (5140 m)
The day's trail crosses an icy glacier and gradually climbs to the French Pass, located at an altitude of 5,360 meters. This pass is a fantastic place from where you can observe an incredible view of the Dhaulagiri range. After this place, the path gradually descends to the hidden valley.

Day 15: Trek to Yak Kharka (3.680m)
At the start, the trail descends from this hidden valley and climbs significantly to the 5,244 meter pass. The path descends slightly to Yak kharka. We set up camp and spend the night.

Day 16: Trek to Batase Danda
Early in the morning we take a short and easy exploration hike around Yak Kharka. And then we start walking towards Batase Danda, where we set up our camp in a magnificent place surrounded by thehimalaya. After lunch, take a short hike to Batasedanda and camp.

Day 17: Batasedanda to Jomsom (2720 m)
The path descends through the forest and descends to the Marpha where we take a break for lunch in Marpha. After lunch, it will take about two hours to reach Jomsom.

Day 18: Return to Pokhara (800m)
On this day, we can take a flight to Pokhara from here in the morning crossing one of the viewpoints and the main tourist destination of Poonhill (3210 m). During a 25-minute flight, you can see the Himalayan chain Dhaulagiri and Annapurna.

Return to Kathmandu

Day 19: Return to Kathmandu by bus or plane (1300m)
To return to Kathmandu, we go by tourist bus which leaves at 7 am. And it takes about 6-7 hours to get to Kathmandu. We have two alternatives. Or you can take a 30-minute flight.

Day 20: Reserve day
It is the day to look around the city and also to buy something according to your interest. We will all have a farewell dinner together in Kathmandu this evening.

Day 21: departure
That day, we will come to the hotel and take you to the airport at the time that suits you for the final departure from your home. We wish you a safe journey.



The Dhaulagiri massif is made up of fifteen peaks over 7000m.

It is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Himalayas. This trek is done around the giant Dhaulagiri (8167m) 8th highest peak in the world. A difficult exploration hike with the passage of several mountain passes: the French pass 5360m, the Thapa pass 5200m. A walk in the deep gorges of Kali Gandaki then on icy tracks requiring good physical condition and adequate equipment. A circuit requiring a great ability to adapt to the unexpected of the high mountains.

An exceptional trek in a secret, contrasting and demanding nature.

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